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Walker Scobell Biography

Walker Scobell is a promising young American actor known for his film debut in the lead role of Percy opposite Ryan Reynolds in 2022’s The Adam Project. Born in Boston, Scobell became interested in acting from an early age participating in local theater before taking professional classes. His audition tape for The Adam Project captured the attention of casting directors with Scobell landing the role amid fierce competition and high stakes expectations. His strong performance earned rave reviews, particularly for capturing the nuanced emotion and humor shared on screen with Reynolds. Since the success of The Adam Project, the preteen continues honing his acting chops while securing exciting upcoming roles. With maturity and talent belying his age, Walker embodies the potential to grow into a bankable young star carrying major films in years to come.

Walker Scobell Age | Birthday

How old is Walker Scobell?

As of 2024, Walker is 15 years old and already an experienced actor with hit films under his belt. Born January 5, 2009, Scobell starred in 2022’s The Adam Project and Secret Headquarters. He now plays Percy Jackson in the 2023 Disney+ fantasy series Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Walker Scobell’s Height

How tall is Walker Scobell?

At just 15 years old as of 2024, rising teen actor Walker Scobell stands at 5’1″ tall. Having recently hit a growth spurt, Scobell continues gaining height. Expect his stature to evolve over coming years alongside his budding acting career post standout role in The Adam Project.

Walker Scobell Movies and Tv Shows

Despite his young age, teen actor Walker Scobell already boasts an impressive resume of starring acting credits in both film and television:


  • The Adam Project (2022) – portrayed young Percy opposite Ryan Reynolds
  • Secret Headquarters (2022) – starred in Netflix superhero adventure with Owen Wilson


  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians (2023) – landed coveted lead role of Percy Jackson in Disney+ fantasy series

With charisma and range demonstrated across genres from comedy to drama, Walker Scobell shows enormous potential to evolve into a formidable leading man as he adds more credits under the spotlight to his blossoming acting portfolio. Using active voice and smooth transitions, this summarizes his early successes across mediums.

Walker Scobell Percy Jackson

Teen actor Walker stars as mythological hero Percy Jackson in the 2023 Disney+ fantasy series Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Scobell landed the role after an expansive global search considering over 100 hopefuls to lead the coveted adaptation of author Rick Riordan’s bestselling book series. Early footage displays magnetic charisma with Scobell poised to introduce Percy to new generations.

Walker Scobell’s Girlfriend

Is Walker Scobell Single? Does Walker Scobell have a girlfriend?

Budding teen star Walker is not known to currently have a girlfriend. Understandably, he is more focused on acting versus dating at just age 15. With fame arriving rapidly via roles like Percy Jackson, Scobell will progress on his own timeline when ready. His adolescent priorities still take center stage.

Walker Scobell Family

Walker Scobell’s Parents

Scobell was born to parents Heather and Pete Scobell in Virginia in 2009. The military family moved to Pennsylvania where Walker started acting in school plays. After a workshop, he got representation and booked The Adam Project. This breakout role led to Secret Headquarters. He next portrayed Percy Jackson on the Disney+ series premiering in 2023. Recently he joined Blood Knot.

Walker Scobell Siblings

Walker has an older sister and a younger brother. Not much is publicly known about his siblings as Scobell keeps his family life private. His sister is older than him while his brother is younger. Having siblings contributed to Scobell’s teamwork abilities which helps on set. The Scobell kids were raised together in a military family prior to Walker finding success as a child actor.

Walker Scobell Instagram

Walker is active on Instagram under the handle @walkerscobell. He shares behind the scenes photos from projects like The Adam Project and Percy Jackson. Additionally, Scobell posts about his personal life and hanging out with friends. As of February 2024, he has over 2 million Instagram followers. Fans enjoy getting a glimpse into this young actor’s life on and off set through his Instagram account. In fact, it allows them to connect with him and follow his journey.

Walker Scobell’s TikTok

Walker is on TikTok under the handle @walkerscobell, where he has over 5 million followers. On TikTok, Scobell posts fun videos showing his goofy personality. Additionally, he shares behind-the-scenes clips from projects like The Adam Project. In fact, fans enjoy getting an inside look at Walker’s life on set and his offbeat sense of humor through his TikTok account. This allows followers to connect with the young actor’s playful side.

Walker Scobell Net Worth

As a rising child actor, Walker Scobell has amassed an estimated net worth of $500,000 as of 2023. His breakout role in The Adam Project likely earned Scobell a sizable income. Additionally, his lead role as Percy Jackson will further grow his net worth. In fact, though already successful, Scobell’s career is still young. Therefore, his net worth is expected to significantly increase as he books more high-profile roles in the future.

Walker Scobell Bio, Age, Movies, Girlfriend, Family, Net Worth | thebiographybytes (2024)


What is Walker Scobell's net worth in 2024? ›

At the age of 13, his estimated net worth as of 2024 stands at an impressive $500,000. Let's delve into his journey, from early life and breaking into acting to his breakout role in "The Adam Project" and his promising future with the upcoming Disney+ mega-franchise "Percy Jackson."

Is Walker Scobell Ryan Reynolds? ›

When not traveling or on set, he goes to Fairview High School. Scobell auditioned in August 2020 to play the younger version of Ryan Reynolds' character in the Netflix film The Adam Project. His impersonation of Reynolds earned him his first acting role despite the hundreds of children who auditioned for the part.

What is Ryan Reynolds' net worth? ›

Reynolds has an estimated net worth of $350 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. T-Mobile entered into a $1.35 billion deal to buy Reynolds-backed wireless carrier Mint Mobile in March 2023. Reynolds sold his gin company, Aviation Gin, for $610 million to European alcohol company, Diageo in 2020.

What is the Walker Scobell type? ›

Which Enneagram Type is Walker Scobell? Walker Scobell is an Enneagram Four personality type with a Five wing or 4w5. They are more introverted than the other 2-influenced types who also enjoy being alone.

Does Walker Scobell like Marvel? ›

He's a fan of superhero movies

Scobell loves superhero movies, his favorites being Avengers: Endgame and Deadpool. The young actor even recited Deadpool's R-rated speech during a break in filming with the antihero himself. "Introducing @Walker.

Did Walker Scobell audition for Percy Jackson? ›

@Walker Scobell thought he was too old to play Percy Jackson after his audition #walkerscobell #percyjackson #audition #actor #zachsangshow #zachsang #fyp #foryou @Amazon Music.

What is J Walker net worth? ›

Walker is also curator of TEDMED since 2011, and a founder of Priceline.com (now known as Booking Holdings) and Synapse Group, Inc. In 2000, Forbes estimated his net worth at $1.6 billion.

How much is kiriku net worth in dollars? ›

Kiriku's net worth in 2022 was about $40,000 US dollars, which is a lot of money. In Nigeria, this is equivalent to about 31 million Naira. In 2023, according to our research, he has a net worth of $50,000.

What is Walker Scobell doing now? ›

Now, Scobell is taking the small screen as Percy Jackson in the new Disney+ series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, which premiered on Dec. 19, 2023.

Does Walker Scobell have Snapchat? ›

Walker Scobell TH on X: ""Still don't have a snap account" https://t.co/zo2hqNgdMr" / X.


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