SS Scripts for roblox. - (2024)

  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------

  2. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Common modules Section ------------------------------------------------------------------

  3. ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------

  4. ------------------------------------------------------------------ OwO ------------------------------------------------------------------

  5. Caramell Dansen : require(3117688489).load("Thel_Harbitor")

  6. Sin Unleashed: require(2787132106):Run('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  7. Dualecider: require(2790149731):Run('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  8. Unexpected Item: require(2796959576).Run()

  9. Voodoo Child: require(2797271382):Run('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  10. Kermit Gui: require(2797382794):Kermit('NAME')

  11. IS GONE!!: require(2800498919):Run('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  12. Country Roads Admin: require(2808676257):hack'NAME'

  13. Gun Giver: require(2823974237).giveGuns'NAME'

  14. School Shooter: require(2826823504):Run('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  15. Grab Knife V1: require(2836693511):Fire('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  16. Grab Knife V2: require(2845941230):Fire('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  17. Grab Knife V3: require(2829943043):Run('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  18. Grab Knife V4: require(2845928453):Fire('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  19. Boom X4: require(2830670878):Run('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  20. Darkage Wristbands: require(2841203226):Fire('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  21. Hell's Door: require(2841174713):Fire('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  22. John Doe: require(2841156534):Fire('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  23. Quantom Rewritten: require(2848219801):Fire('kermitwashere,ok','NAME')

  24. Doki Doki DIE: require(2849585171):Fire('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  25. Deadeye: require(2849593796):Fire('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  26. Angel: require(2849601715):Fire('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  27. Uganda Knuckles: require(2849713774):Fire('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  28. Meme Jevil: require(2855997192):Fire('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  29. Vaporgun: require(2856028839):Fire('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  30. Voodoo Child Meme: require(2858514503):Fire('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  31. Trap Rifle: require(2858526948):Fire('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  32. Star glitcher spectrum : require(2930987220).load('mathman')

  33. Stupid GUI: require(2904213233):Fire('mathman','i baked you a pie')

  34. khols admin epix edit: require(522666193).giveAdmin("NAME")

  35. Star Glitcher spectrum working: require(2930987220).load('mathman')

  36. spectrum glitcher wokring: require(2844773931).load("NAME")

  37. SS Gui wait 3s and say boi/ in chat: require(2670071430).load("NAME")

  38. Nebula Star glicher bypass working: require(2860424822)("mathman","nebulastar")

  39. memes animations: require(2860424822)("Name","memes")

  40. Koolaid Man: require(2923173766):Kermit('Name',game.JobId)

  41. Xester: require(2918747265).load("mathman")

  42. Insanity Powers: require(2787111216):Run('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  43. Krystal Dance V2: require(2881162369):Fire('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  44. Memeus V3: require(2881262129):Fire('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  45. Kermit Chathax: require(2906086283):Fire('NAME','PsevQrhKhxNxNcf')

  46. Cart: require(2945393344).load"NAME"

  47. Rick And Morty Remote: require(2944367975).load"NAME"

  48. Pen: require(2913342850).load"NAME"Pokeball: require(2945268608).load"NAME"

  49. Cop: require(2874956884):Fire("NAME")

  50. Scp 106: require(2913616665).load("NAME")

  51. Eyo-Zen: require(2965943657):Fire("NAME")

  52. Agent Agony: require(2877501109):Fire("NAME")

  53. Rifle: require(2908373119):Fire("NAME","i baked you a pie")

  54. Golden Spinning Clock: require(2956258470).load("NAME")

  55. Ban Hammer: require(2953959989).load("NAME")

  56. Reaper V2: require(2954013343).load("NAME")

  57. Killbot: require(2954028244).load("NAME")

  58. Rainbow Sword/Knife: require(2954081775).load("NAME")

  59. BloxWatch: require(2954138784).load("NAME")

  60. Void Boss: require(2954172081).load("NAME")

  61. Dual Pink Guns: require(2954190022).load("NAME")

  62. Ender: require(2966080890):Fire("NAME")

  63. RuinEX: require(2966133043):Fire("NAME")

  64. Inked Monster: require(2966186555):Fire("NAME")

  65. Chara X[SOMETIMES GLITCHY]: require(2966195744):Fire("NAME")

  66. Huge Baseplate: require(2944212977).loadmap()

  67. Cloud Visualizer: require(2966240496):Fire("NAME")

  68. [Cloud Visualizer Commands: (!play SONGID !snow !rain !multiplier !volume 1-100)

  69. Absylum V2: require(2966286498):Fire("NAME")

  70. Cube Of Polaris[useless]: require(2966359198):Fire("NAME")

  71. Plague Doctor: require(2966334796):Fire("NAME")

  72. Rocketeer: require(2966449101):Fire("NAME")

  73. galactic Gauntlet:require(2966463800):Fire("NAME")

  74. Aura Katana: require(2966514820):Fire("NAME")

  75. Super Sonic Running: require(2966563614):Fire("NAME")

  76. Hands purple projectile shooting: require(2966580162):Fire("NAME")

  77. SCP-999 GHOST[CAN'T MOVE JUST RESPAWN]: require(2966604558):Fire("NAME")

  78. Jump in the caac[looses time track]:require(2966615277):Fire("NAME")

  79. Bullet Bill[RESPAWN AFTER USE]: require(2966631086):Fire("NAME")

  80. Heavy[FUNNY AS f*ck, BROKEN]: require(2966638096):Fire("NAME")

  81. OP AIR MAGIC [WONT KILL OTHERS]:require(2966766781):Fire("NAME")

  82. Hokuto shinken: require(2966795270):Fire("NAME")

  83. The Box: require(2966790795):Fire("NAME")

  84. Dark Sword, Shield: require(2966786815):Fire("NAME")

  85. Noob: require(2969429312):Fire("NAME")

  86. Caducus: require(2969642892):Fire("NAME")

  87. Inferno: require(2969919470):Fire("NAME")

  88. God Slayer: require(2969861340):Fire("NAME")

  89. Agent Wheseker: require(2969940144):Fire("NAME")

  90. Video Power: require(2969906143):Fire("NAME")

  91. Pan: require(2965793312):Fire'NAME'

  92. Gorrupt Vectorist: require(2967640429).load("NAME")

  93. Meteor Powers: require(2967655899).load("NAME")

  94. The Glitch: require(2967664291).load("NAME")

  95. Kartic: require(2967742797).load("mathman")

  96. Shackluster wheelies: require(2967700018).load("NAME")

  97. phantom : require(2967724627).load("mathman")

  98. Dominus Corona: require(2967742797).load("mathman")

  99. 500 Pound Ball: require(2967750712).load("NAME")

  100. Baldi [PRESS F]: require(2967798014).load("NAME")

  101. Skull Kid: require(2967848153).load("NAME")

  102. Zamazu: require(2971448618):Fire("NAME")

  103. Blue Titan: require(2971509487).load("NAME")

  104. Red Titan: require(2974204001).load("NAME")

  105. Ravenger: require(2971559360).load("NAME")

  106. Van: require(2973851516).load("Victim")

  107. Nuclear Gun: require(2974012915).load("NAME")

  108. Golden Gun: require(2977809408):Fire("NAME")

  109. Shinobi Armor: require(2974055072).load("NAME")

  110. [F = FIRE MODE, G = FIGHT MODE]

  111. Zeus Staff: require(2974181326).load("NAME")

  112. Green Claws: require(2974223397).load("NAME")

  113. JOJO Girl?: require(2975155038).load("NAME")

  114. Allah Akbar: require(2974869441).load("NAME")

  115. Bleach: require(2975480225).load("NAME")

  116. The World Gauntlets: require(2975213751).load("NAME")

  117. Red Blood Scythe: require(2971800799).load("NAME")

  118. Assasin's Creed Gauntlet: require(2971859278).load("NAME")

  119. Da Warden: require(2849623031):Fire('NAME','i baked you a pie')

  120. mml admin require(1635477564).load("")

  121. chat all a word require(1074006010):chatall("msg")

  122. grab knife require(1193146271).load("name")

  123. R6 player require(2453442372).load("name")

  124. Topkek v4 require(2455609490).load("name")

  125. shutdown require(1932615855).load("name")

  126. rocky2u require(2102297009).load("name")

  127. Kuro Admin require(2513069802).admin("")

  128. Dex require(02565893551).load("name")

  129. anti-ban i think require(2690905148).load()

  130. thanos require(2646139030).pro("name")

  131. kohl admin require(522666193).giveAdmin("name")

  132. Kick require(2226123205).load("ok","namehere") (kicking)

  133. Kitchen Gun require(968275442).load("name")

  134. c*nt-a car require(2379784568)("name")

  135. Funny sh*t require(1192815372).load("name")

  136. Uganda Nuckle require(1327112250).load("name")

  137. Music i guess require(763856137).load("name")

  138. Grab Knife require(1964136149).load("name")

  139. Allahu Akbar require(1232280447).load("name")

  140. sad minecraft music require(2681001305):Fire('demidshowisgone', 'name')

  141. Albert script require(2530715041).load("name")

  142. Tornado require(1541678543).load("just execute it no need for ur name")

  143. FLAME THROWER require(120158187).load("name")

  144. Bomber Man Ultra require(2240511957).load("OKTHEN","name")

  145. orange justice require(2535757943).load("name")

  146. Sans undertale Map require(1684915262).load("name")

  147. baldi basics map require(2085607312).load("name")

  148. Gifts Module gui require(2370588135)(

  149. Revolver require(763856137).load("")

  150. Tree smasher require(970596902).load("name")

  151. Suicide require(1243720440).load("name")

  152. Suicide hang require(1232280447).load("name")

  153. Plane require(1280588623).load("name")

  154. Hitler camp require(1192815372).load("name")

  155. Bong require(2016667379).load("name")

  156. C4 require(1319107006).load("name")

  157. Fat human require(1667920797).load("name")

  158. Van Gui require(1232280447).load("name")

  159. Brick spam require(1888849880).load("name")

  160. Bacon spam require(2349431484).load("name")

  161. Red claw require(2642876624):Fire('ok', 'FTOUHICOOL')

  162. Mc donalds costume everyone require(1176949464).load("name")

  163. Color change rainbow map require(2512434070).load("name")

  164. Delete workspace require(1870929424).load("name")

  165. T pose spongebob spam require(2349438299).load("name")

  166. Storm require(2367319329).load("name")

  167. Rocket launch require(2513295250).load("name")

  168. Require(388738900).load("name")

  169. Rail gun Require(387443356).load("name")

  170. Spision Burger require(1517565991).load("name")

  171. Shotgun require(377131485).load("name")

  172. Mc donalds Map require(2280744552):MCDONALDS()

  173. KFC Map require(1902457710).load("all")

  174. Controll gui require(2500115789).load("name")

  175. Aether admin require(2114966472).heck("name")

  176. Desert Dune Buggy require(2379784568)().loads("name")

  177. Tactical bfgs Serverside Condo gui require(1368306381).loads("name")

  178. Grab Knife v4 require(1193146271).loads("name")

  179. Grab knife v3 require(1964136149).loads("name")

  180. Grab knife v2 require(1939927688).loads("name")

  181. Raining ducks require(966740157).loads("name")

  182. Raining men require(966723234).loads("")

  183. Ace Of Diamonds require(2977016048).load("name")

  184. Monk require(2977023028).load("name")

  185. Grapple Hooks require(2977044113).load("name")

  186. Bomb on require(2977047659).load("name")

  187. 9/11 require(2977061215).load("name")

  188. Death Note require(2977073855).load("name")

  189. Control Gui require(2977093983).load("name")

  190. world eater require(2978778961).load("name")

  191. domino's pizza require(2981059629).load("name")

  192. shadow lord require(2984418010).load("name")

  193. snup dog require(2984511783).load("name")

  194. Lua Hammer require(2984879655).load("name")

  195. pokeballs require(2984911937).load("name")

  196. Toad require(2984921335).load("name")

  197. Yellow Boy require(2984944208).load("name")

  198. spongebobs house require(2984954483).load("name")

  199. war machine require(2984976316).load("name")

  200. ice giant require(2985009308).load("name")

  201. chara require(2985019865).load("name")

  202. blackcell GUI require(2985036980).load("name")

  203. fords gun require(2985065669).load("name")

  204. Thomas The Tank Engine require(2985076062).load("name")

  205. troll face require(2985101287).load("name")

  206. gaster require (2985155579).load("name")

  207. anime super powers require(2985153317).load("name")

  208. soul reaper require(2985164979).load("name")

  209. sword master require(2985184326).load("name")

  210. thunder gun require(2987299148).load("name")

  211. sniper require(2987312314).load("name")

  212. Blue Sword require(2987331232).load("name")

  213. Chara require(2658847146).load'FTOUHICOOL'

  214. ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------

  215. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Rare modules Section ------------------------------------------------------------------

  216. ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------

  217. ------------------------------------------------------------------ OwO ------------------------------------------------------------------

  218. Red hot banisher: require(3021451890).load("name")

  219. Fallen god's daughter : require(03021080013).load("name")

  220. Codex fighter: require(3148313559).load("name")

  221. Guardian of light: require(3020974806).load("name")

  222. Winged Shot: require(2920382269).load"name"

  223. Ufo Reap: require(2552620429).load"name"

  224. teardrop Guns: require(3043766339).load"name"

  225. Syrite vanos: require(2974908082).load("name")

  226. Bible's admin: require(2833959389).load"name"

  227. Ethernal Glitcher rewited: require(2560732565).ethe("name")

  228. Farth's gui: require(3183163217):Fire("FTOUHICOOL")

  229. mr bye bye [purple Theme] : require(3074454555).mbye("name")

  230. UTG: require(2993514878):Fire("name")

  231. Sigmabldz admin [May break]: require(2969225161):Fire("Nob","name)

  232. Kuro admin: require(2513069802).admin("name")

  233. God : require(2658905537).load'FTOUHICOOL'

  234. ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------

  235. ---------------------------------------------------------------Unleak/Recently Private modules Section------------------------------------------------------------------

  236. ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------

  237. ------------------------------------------------------------------ OwO ------------------------------------------------------------------

  238. Fallen anger: require(3213926914).load("FTOUHICOOL")

  239. mr bye by v3 : require(3065175228).load("FTOUHICOOL")

  240. cresendiac v2: require(3061839737):executeScript("FTOUHICOOL", "lololololololololol0k69fatkids")

  241. ( More comming soon in... )

  242. ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------

  243. --------------------------------------------------------------- Completely private Modules ------------------------------------------------------------------

  244. ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------

  245. ------------------------------------------------------------------ ... ------------------------------------------------------------------

  246. This section of the pack requires a special key to have access to, The key is in my hands (HootLord's hands). Dm me the secret code to have a cahnce of getting in the secret folder.

  247. Secret Code : JadoeS

  248. Leaked by N3xul.

  249. Credits : HootLord#8861

SS Scripts for roblox. - (2024)


Are Pastebin Roblox scripts safe? ›

It is mainly used to share code snippets or scripts for games like Roblox or Da Hood, among many others. Is Pastebin safe? Pastebin takes its user's privacy very seriously and implements accepted industry standards to protect user information and data on its platform.

How to install roblox script? ›

Inserting a Script

If you put a script under a Part, Roblox will run the script's code when the part is loaded into the game. Hover over the DisappearingPlatform part in the Explorer window and click the + button to insert a new script into the platform.

How to copy a script in Roblox? ›

To use, you simply select the script you want to copy and press the copy button, then select whatever you want to insert the script into, as many objects as you want, and press paste. it will then paste the scripts into everything that was selected.

Does Roblox ban script? ›

roblox sees rules as black and white and sadly no matter the context if a rule is broken they will issue bans. if you were to just script your own it would be more similar to an admin panel and would be perfectly fine.

Is scripting legal in Roblox? ›

However, it is important to note that exploiting or cheating in any way on Roblox is strictly prohibited. If your scripts are being detected as a bypass, it's possible that they are exploiting the game's systems in some way, or they may be triggering Roblox's anti-cheat measures.

Is Roblox scripting hard? ›

Roblox scripting is not as hard to learn as other programming languages might be. But you will need to commit time and effort. How long it takes to learn Roblox scripting is not an easy question to answer, because it all boils down to how much effort and time you put into it.

Is Delta executor safe? ›

Delta Executor stands as a no-cost Roblox exploit, granting users the capability to execute Roblox scripts seamlessly on both mobile devices and personal computers. Recognized as one of the most widely embraced free Roblox executors, it is renowned for its safety.

What script is Roblox? ›

Roblox Studio uses Lua as its scripting language because it is easy to learn, fast, and flexible. Lua is a scripting language that is widely used in the gaming industry, and it is well-suited to being embedded in other applications.

What is the script for Robux? ›

Roblox uses the coding language Lua. This article will cover how to start coding in Roblox, introducing common concepts like scripts, data types, and variables. By the end, you'll be able to type out code that displays messages in Roblox Studio.

Can you copy a Roblox game? ›

The good news is that some builders encourage you to use their experiences for this purpose! However, an experience can only be copied if the notice "This experience's source can be copied" is listed on the experience's About tab.

Can you paste in Roblox? ›

Press and hold down on the text you want to copy (or double tap fast on a word) and it should highlight one word. Simply drag the highlighted region on either end to extend the box. Then, tap copy once you've highlighted the text. To paste, simple press and hold down on your distracted location and press paste.

How do you text in Roblox? ›

One of the many great ways to communicate with your fellow players is to use the in-experience chat feature. To start chatting, press the / key on your keyboard. This will open up the chat window, if enabled by the developer, and a chat-bar where you can type what you would like to say.

Can I trust Roblox scripts? ›

It is safe. No matter where you put the server script, exploiters will not be able to edit it nor see it. As long as you don't have any backdoors in your game, you're fine. Exploiters cannot edit nor see server scripts.

Is using scripts in Roblox safe? ›

In summary, while the script itself doesn't contain traditional malware, it raises significant privacy, ethical, and potential terms of service concerns. It's advisable to consider these factors seriously before using such a script. TLDR: if unsure, don't use it. But probably fine.

How to know if a Roblox script is a virus? ›

If there is a virus in it, prepare to say goodbye, a black screen will probably appear saying roblox is reviewing the script, and the owner of the game will get automatically banned after that. It might happen that your game also gets closed.

Why do hackers use Pastebin? ›

To sum up, attackers seem to use Pastebin to share stolen data because the site is easy to use for sharing voluminous text and because their buddies use it as well. Moreover, they know that the data published there will be around for some time for the world to see, since Pastebin doesn't proactively moderate content.


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