Soy Sauce Noodles With Cabbage and Fried Eggs Recipe (2024)



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This looks delicious, but I'm confused by the order. Wouldn't my fried eggs end up cold on top after waiting to cook the cabbage? Any reason not to swap steps 3 and 4? Or add another pan to fry the eggs? I'd love tips from people who have tried this recipe. Thank you!


My grandmother came right over to the US from Canton (Guanzhou) and used to make a noodle dish just like this except she used sai fun, which are clear noodles made from mung beans. As I recall, she just made a depression in the middle of the noodles near the end and scrambled the eggs in the hollowed out area in the pan. Cold egg concerns solved. Also gluten-free, now that I think about it.


People are asking why the recipe cooks the eggs first. I think that’s just to keep this to a quick one-pan meal. Cook with two pans if you like; you won’t be arrested! And no, the eggs won’t get cold in 9 minutes unless you put them on an ice cold plate. Tip: warm a plate under hot water for a minute while the eggs are cooking. Dry the plate and put the eggs on it. This will keep them warm enough while you finish the noodles.


So tasty! We added a dash of fish sauce to the noodles to use up an old bottle. We also served with some frozen shrimp that we sautéed with garlic. So delicious! We didn’t have any sesame seeds on hand, but the sesame oil flavor came through beautifully. I look forward to making this again, trying out with some broccoli next time!


After you cook the eggs, there's another 7 to 9 minutes before the dish is complete. So the eggs are meant to be eaten cold, on top of the warm noodles?


The grocery store didn’t have thin egg noodles so I used rice noodles instead and it still tasted great! Very easy and delicious weeknight dinner option


My wife and I like to hand the phone to our 6 year old and have her flip through the app and pick something out for dinner...good way to try new things. She picked this and it was very good for being so simple. Sure there are sequence issues but we can figure those out easy enough. I deboned some chicken thighs and cook in soy, garlic, ginger, and sesame to go with it and increase the protein. I fried out the discarded chicken skin and fat instead of cooking the cabbage in oil for a change.


Made this with red cabbage and ramen (what I had) and it was yummy! I think adding some herbs (parsley, Thai basil, even celery leaves) and a squeeze of lemon would take this next level. I cooked in order but put eggs in a warm oven to hang til time to bowl up. Lots of room for modification here- definitely in the rotation!


Very good dish with the following modifications based on suggestions from others: 1) Did the sauce x 4 ( was making for a large group anyway)2) added minced garlic and ginger to the sauce3) did a cornstarch slurry to thicken sauce and heated it in a saucepan4) microwaved the cabbage some prior to sauteing (very helpful for the large amount of cabbage I had!)5) blanched some sugar snap peas and added at the end6) served with boneless chicken thighs marinated ginger garlic sauceThumbs up!

Mary J

Hi! I found great success making any Asian stir fry or Pad Thai noodles dish by using the bagged broccoli or cabbage (long strand) slaw, already shredded, perfect for ultra quick meal, even with Mr Noodles! If you’re a student with a microwave, just put a handful of washed broccoli or cabbage slaw (long shredded type) in with the noodles and flavoring, fill with boiled water, microwave for a couple of minutes checking to see that the noodles and veggies are to your liking, Enjoy!

A. Cleary

Haven't made this precise recipe, but a nearly identical one. The eggs can be cooked last to prevent them going cold. or you can put them on a warm plate over a pan of hot water and they'll be fine. I always cook them last since they take just a few minutes and the pan will be hot from finishing the noodles. It's a quick, tasty & satisfying meal however you do the eggs.


That was exactly my question. I think the eggs should be cooked last.

jen c

Do I use 1.5 pounds of cabbage or half of a cabbage that weighs 1.5 pounds?


super simple recipe but this really hit the spot for me. i didn't have dark soy sauce or white pepper, but made the rest as described and thought it was delicious!


My whole family loved this. I added spinach as I had some I needed to use, but would probably just increase the cabbage next time (so there is a full serving of veg per person). I suspect the recipe calls for making the eggs first so you can use just one pan, but I just quickly cleaned my off after cooking base ingredients in the sauce and then cooked my eggs. I do think the eggs would get cold otherwise and it's much easier to put the eggs directly on the food then to transfer more than once!


Delicious! I used a thicker (gluten free) noodle, and added some sh*takis.


This was really good. I wish I’d looked at the comments first because I would have added additional seasonings. I loved the cooked cabbage and the scallions, so I’ll probably change the ratio next time, but great starting point. Oh, and I used a large enough pan that I could just shift the noodles to the side and cook the egg.


Can anyone share the type or brand of egg noodles they used? I had all the ingredients in my hand at the grocery store and then struggled with the egg noodles. If anyone could share.


In addition to butterflies shrimp I added sh*take mushrooms. Delicious dish.


This is an excellent recipe! Used slivered Brussels sprouts rather than cabbage because that is what I had. Added a little grated ginger. A perfect dinner for those nights when you need something delicious, but easy.

Amy L

Total keeper! I made it as written plus threw a little Gochujang on at the end. This is going in my rotation.


Made the recipe as written (gasp). Delicious in its simplicity. Even better the next day for lunch with a scoop of chili crisp.


Added thinly sliced carrots with the cabbage and use only 2 teaspoons of dark soy. Add chili oil to taste


This was delicious. Followed the recipe closely but didn't have scallions so used a combination of regular onions and chives. Cooked the eggs at the end. Served with chicken and it was a hit, even with my teenagers.


Instead of egg, marinate tofu in some of the sauce and add towards the end.


This was a tasty, simple, restaurant quality dish that is pretty easy to make. Next time I would add some sugar to the sauce and garlic to the stir fry.


Sun rice noodles


Really easy and yummy! Added some mushrooms and greens that I needed to use up, delish. Hundo p will make again.

Elizabeth K

Definitely switch steps 3 and 4. Push the cabbage and noodles aside to cook the eggs.


Made as suggested except cooked eggs in seperate pan at same time. added some baked firm tofu - coated in cornflour, salt , pepper and sesame oil to add some extra protein

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Soy Sauce Noodles With Cabbage and Fried Eggs Recipe (2024)


Are eggs and soy sauce good together? ›

Let's make one of my favorite ways to enjoy eggs, Taiwanese Soy Marinated Eggs. Jammy, custard-like yolk marinated in a savory garlic soy sauce, is perfect for any meal. Taiwanese Soy marinated Eggs are the perfect addition to noodles, rice bowls, salads, and various other dishes.

How to make noodles more delicious? ›

  1. How do I make plain noodles taste better?
  2. Cook your noodles and drain. Return to pot.
  3. Add garlic salt/powder to taste and a good dollop of butter. ...
  4. Beat up a couple of eggs as you would for scrambled eggs. ...
  5. Pour in eggs and gently mix through, heat until just cooked.
  6. Garnish with chopped spring onion and chives.
Dec 6, 2019

What to add to noodles for flavor? ›

  1. Butter and Milk (France) To give your noodle recipe a French twist, all you'll need are two ingredients: 🧈butter and 🥛 milk. ...
  2. Kimchi (Korea) ...
  3. Fried Bacon and Egg (USA) ...
  4. Peanut Butter and Sriracha Sauce (Thailand) ...
  5. Sliced Cheese (Italy) ...
  6. Sesame Oil and Soy Sauce (Japan) ...
  7. Garlic and Soy Sauce (China) ...
  8. Canned meat.
Sep 24, 2023

What mixes well with soy sauce? ›

From steaks and pork chops to chicken breasts and salmon fillets, nearly any type of meat can benefit from marinating in a bit of soy sauce. You can either use straight-up soy sauce as your marinade or mix it with other ingredients, such as garlic, fresh herbs, apple cider vinegar or citrus zest.

Should you wash Chinese cabbage? ›

Before using, discard any damaged or wilted outer leaves. Looser varieties, such as napa and bok choy, should also be rinsed to get rid of any dirt between leaves.

Do you eat the white part of Chinese cabbage? ›

You can consume all parts of the bok choy plant, including its white stems and green leaves. Here are some ideas for how to prepare and eat bok choy: Chop it and sauté it with olive oil, garlic, and ginger as a side dish or to top a grain like rice or quinoa. Dice it and add it to an Asian-inspired soup recipe.

Should Chinese cabbage be cooked? ›

In addition to its health benefits, Chinese cabbage can be used in a variety of different dishes. You can eat it raw, shredding it and adding it to tacos, salads or power bowls. Feel free to swap it in for any recipe that calls for green cabbage; its sweet flavor makes it particularly delicious in coleslaw recipes.

Which soy sauce is best for noodles? ›

Using natural fermentation methods, light soy sauce has strong aromatic umami and savoury flavour. Making it ideal as a marinade, dressing, sauce mix and table condiment. It is a great addition to stir-fry recipes, noodles dishes and even our own burger recipe!

What spices make noodles better? ›

You can also add: Spices like white pepper, sichuan pepper, or chile flakes to the finished dish, or try adding a cinnamon stick, star anise, and coriander seeds to the simmering broth (remove 'em before serving!)

What does adding milk to noodles do? ›

Dairy milk gives your ramen a milky, creamy character. It takes the heat out of spicy ramen and adds a thick, rich texture. Soy milk, on the other hand, is sweet and nutty. It's not as thick and creamy.

What should you season your noodles with? ›

Adding salt to the water during cooking will boost the flavor of your noodles and enhance the taste of the entire dish. Fine-grained salts, such as a basic table salt, will dissolve more quickly and absorb into your noodles more easily than coarse-grained salts.

How to spice up noodles and sauce? ›

13 Ways to Make Any Jarred Pasta Sauce Better
  1. Start with the right pasta and sauce. ...
  2. Season with dried herbs. ...
  3. Or flavor with fresh herb sprigs. ...
  4. Double up on tomato goodness. ...
  5. Add more garlic and/or onions. ...
  6. Sweeten and thicken with squash purée. ...
  7. Punch things up with a pinch of chili flakes. ...
  8. Try this secret ingredient.
Dec 9, 2022

What is the taste enhancer in noodles? ›

Ajinomoto Chinese Salt 150 gm , Mix-Taste Enhancer, Monosodium (MSG) for Soup, Noodles, Moms, Manchurian, Rice and French Fries.

Can we eat soybean and egg together? ›

Yes, you can eat eggs and soya chunks together. Both eggs and soya chunks are good sources of protein, and consuming them together can help meet your daily protein requirements. You can add boiled or scrambled eggs to your soya chunk curry or stir-fry for a balanced meal.

What should I eat soy sauce with? ›

‌Soy sauce can be added to dishes such as stir fries, stews, or soups. You can use it as a dip, as with sushi or sashimi. You can put it in a marinade or a glaze for meats. You can also use it to season rice and noodles.

What happens when you add egg to a sauce? ›

Egg yolks are the ideal addition to pasta sauces, salad dressings and custards that need thickening. The protein in egg yolks thicken when heated and they also add a richness to sauces. You'll need to be careful when adding egg yolks to hot sauces because they can scramble the sauce.

Does soy transfer to eggs? ›

The American Egg Board currently states, " Although one recent study indicated that small amounts of isoflavones from the soy in chicken feed is transferred to the egg, protein fractions from soy are broken down during the digestive process and are not likely transferred to the egg or meat of the chicken.


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